How to Buy Smart Printers

From homes to the large establishments, it seems like smart technology is making its way towards revolutionizing everything on this planet. We mostly have talked about making our home smart with high-class smart pieces of machinery like Smart Vacuum Cleaners, Smart Dryers, Smart TV, Smart Lights, Smart Headphones, Smart Speakers and a lot more. But today we have decided to move a bit further and introduce you to some office equipment like ‘Smart Printers’, an innovative printing software solution that enables you to perform such astounding actions that are not supported by the old-fashioned laser and inkjet printers.

Well, you must be wondering about what smart printers actually are, right?

Smart printer combines numerous technologies like smart sensors, smart monitoring features, etc. hooking up into a print management system offering the best of the controls at a very low cost. However, the smart printers act almost the same as the traditional ones but tend to provide more advanced features to its users. Now you must be thinking about the amazing features it offers and that what to consider when you are interested in buying a smart printer.

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Here we have listed down a few of the very significant points that will help you out for sure when the query, ‘how to buy a smart printer’ strikes your mind.

What to Look for When Choosing a Smart Printer?

Let us have a look!!

Log in to print the document for increased security

This is one of the most significant features as the smart printer will ask you first to log in to get the document printed. This means that you have to be physically present in front of the printer and enter a specific code to get your print out. Now since you are standing beside the printer, nobody will accidentally walk off with the papers that they shouldn’t have in their hands, hence ensures the security of the document.

Moreover, as the smart printers are offering great secure solutions, the users can confidently print the sensitive documents, and the companies no longer have to bear extra costs to provide personal printers to the managers.

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Reduces your printing costs

People are terrible at using printers, especially during busy working hours. Since being so much occupied with work, at times wrong instructions are sent to the printer, and you might even have seen dustbins full of printing papers in the offices. As mentioned in the above point that the user has to stand with the printer to give the command, it obviously allows the user to stop the printer at any point where he/she realizes that the order sent to the printer is incorrect.

It so happens at times that the user forgot to collect the printed document from the printer and thus it ends up in the bin or on the wrong table, and then the printer is asked to reprint the text again. Well, definitely one major cause of the increased printing cost. In the case of smart printers, the excessive cost issues are eliminated.

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Prevents printer hacking

Since the printer is a part of your network, it can easily be hacked, and its security is often overlooked as well. The hacker can have access to the confidential documents. As the smart printers require authentication, the printers can be protected from the hackers.

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Conserves Energy

The electric cost of the printer drives up the utility bills, and your printer might be running the whole day and night, depending upon your office schedules. In such situations smart printers automatically shift to a standby mode when not in use thus saving you reasonable amounts of money and stay lighter on your pockets.

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Other Quick Smart Features, Your Smart Printers Must Have

  • Allows you to automate steps like saving files to the right folders
  • Smart printers let you connect to the Dropbox or Google Drive having speedy access to the data.
  • Smart printers have eliminated the hassle of photocopying. With smart printers, a user can scan the document to their email or cloud services.
  • With the inclusion of the Wi-Fi connectivity, your printer can be controlled with a single tap on your Android smart device.
  • By default, all the smart printers are set to print double-sided.
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