How To Kidproof Your Amazon Echo

Life has become so much fun with all the new gadgets and systems around us. Only yesterday we had to go out to a music shop, get our favourite DVDs and listen to songs. With Amazon Echo, neither do we need to go out, nor work ourselves. Your wish is its command. Just place it anywhere you want and enjoy your idle evenings are fresh mornings. But wait a minute! Do you have kids at home? Are your kids adventurous? Their adventure would often turn to something naughty and your Amazon echo wouldn’t be spared from that as well. Hence, today we will discuss how to make your Amazon echo kid proof that protects it from their notorious acts. Let’s start.

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Follow these steps

  • Get your security code handy

It is always smart to have a security code. This is the first and basic way to keep your kid away from your smart speaker. One more important thing is to turn off your voice purchase. If your child has started talking even a bit, he or she might just keep talking when you are not around. This might at times lead to the operation of voice purchase. A whole day or him or her talking is enough to make you go broke. To switch this option off, go to the settings and press on the turn off voice purchase option.

Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa and Dolby processing – Charcoal Fabric

  • Filter out stuff

Children are innocent. As the grow up, they learn a lot of new things. It is only normal that they will ask a lot of questions regarding what they hear around them. There are some questions which would have answers not appropriate for their age. It is difficult to explain to kids everything at that tender age. Hence, you got to take precautionary steps. If your child likes your Amazon echo, make sure you have certain filters on. These will help your smart speaker to avoid playing explicit songs or audios. Once you are sure of the filters, you can let your kid use it as much he or she wants to. To put on the filter, you can go to the settings and click on apply filters.

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  • Set Amazon Echo on do not disturb mode

You would always want your child to concentrate on his or her studies and other activities as well. These days, children have become so tech savvy that they have forgotten to go out, play and socialize with other kids of their age. Make sure your child doesn’t fall prey to this device. Whenever you see that it is time for your child to do his or her homework, or it is time that they sleep, put your device on do not disturb mode. This will make sure that your child gets distracted and does all the work he or she is supposed to. To out your Amazon. Echo on do not disturb mode, you can go to the device, click on your settings and choose this option. Give your device done rest and enjoy your gadget free life for some time.

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  • Change the name of your device

Since it is a Smart Speaker, every time you have a new command or wish, you are supposed to call out to the device with a particular name. As we know, most of the devices in the market, especially Amazon Echo has different names set for its device. These names are so common that even kids are aware of them. Even your kid is smart enough to register the name and call it out. You can be a smart parent by just changing that name. This will confuse your kid and even if he or she tries, the attempt would fail. Do this quite often. Keep changing the names so that they cannot get a hang of the device name. This will make sure that they don’t have any access to the speaker. You can also try using difficult words that they might not be able to pronounce. It might sound really mean but trust me, it helps. Once they start growing up a bit and understand how it actually works, you can get back to a normal and stable name for your speaker.

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  • Last resort, you can disable it

There will come days when your child will be smarter than you and get along with all the points mentioned above. He or she would understand all your tricks of keeping him or her away from Amazon Echo and still get away with the daily pranks. In such cases, you got to disable the device for some time. If you are momentarily fed up of your child’s behaviour when Amazon Echo is around, you always have the option of going to the settings section and disabling the device for a while. Children get distracted really fast. Once they start playing with something else, you can get back to your smart speaker.

Having kids at home is a bliss. You might have most of the gadgets at home so that they learn faster that you did as a child. However, you need to have a balance regarding everything. Let your kids use Amazon Echo when they want to. However, don’t let it become a habit. Again, don’t just let go of things saying that children are innocent, and they will make mistakes. You need to take steps to teach them the difference between what is right and wrong. So, no worries if you have both Amazon Echo and children at home. You will manage with the tips given in this article.

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