Internet of Things and the Future of our Homes

The fascinating innovations in the world of IoT and its amazements are successively creating much hype and are spreading out like fire. With ever-increasing connected devices during recent times, the world is transforming and so do the way we live, work and communicate. Millions of thanks to the IoT professionals who are performing tremendously well and always come up with something worth appreciating and fruitful. Either we talk about the E-Commerce Sector or the Biometric Systems, Automotive Industry or your Workout Sessions, IoT is ruling everywhere. In this course of context, how can we forget our homes? Yes, Smart Homes!! Making your life easier, luxurious and smarter!!

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Well, looking at the so far integrations, controlling various aspects of our homes with an app is not a new thing to highpoint. However, considering a few, Smart Thermostats are one such good example. So, rather than coming back home from your work on a cold eve and wait for the room to get warm and comfortable, why not simply tap on your smartphone app and tell the smart thermostat to toast your home before you reach. Additionally, it can learn and understand the personal habits to offer you a customize temperature system.

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Adding up a little more, Sensors and mobile devices are now being used to control lights, providing keyless entry and notifies if any door remained open when you are away. Also, the induction of Wi-Fi security cameras permits keeping an eye from anywhere. But if we analyze recent progressions, the day is not far where we will see all these smart devices connected to each other and to various services, providing more comfy and glorious experiences to the users.

Developing and extending existing capabilities; the future of our homes:

What I believe, the appliances at our homes are one of our active participating members, isn’t it so? Therefore, having these machines incorporated with IoT processes will exhibit expanded capabilities and will reach out to their highest potentials, thus facilitating users at their best.

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Examining and speculating, here we are highlighting some of it.

  • Smart homes could automatically sense and manage the home events accordingly. For instance, its movie time guys!! Smart sensors will dim the lights. Just Wow!!
  • Instead of starting a dishwasher via an app, imagine it starts itself when it senses it is full.
  • On seeing a stranger walking up to your front door, the smart outdoor security camera of your home will communicate with your smart locking system which will instantly lock all the doors and set the alarm.

However, we may call these some bold predictions, but I strongly believe that these are more likely to come true very soon.

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One of the key benefits attached to the smart homes is the convenience it has to offer to us. More connected devices will definitely be handling more operations as well as these devices helps reducing cost and conserve energy.

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Conversely, the IoT Professionals need to be more vigilant that these smart devices function properly as they first have to watch out for something unusual happening and then respond to resolve the issue.

Well, all we can do right now is to wait for some time until we get the chance to unfold more of the IoT wonders.

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