Smart And Simple Ways To Control Gadgets In Your Home With Amazon Echo

Amazon has been instrumental in cornering the market for the smart speakers powered by smart digital assistant with the launch of the Echo Speakers just a few years ago. The smart speaker segment can be said to be carved out by Amazon and it became an instant hit among the consumers. Amazon Echo speakers come loaded with a built-in assistant called Alexa. Using this Smart Speaker is quite easy and simple which requires following some standard instruction in order to turn an ordinary home into a smart home.

Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa and Dolby processing – Charcoal Fabric


You can easily pair the Alexa with the smart lights present in your home and it will give an amazing control over the lighting needs. Some of the compatible smart lights are from Philips Hue range which gets easily synced with the Amazon Echo. It will save you from the laborious effort of turning on and off the lights a dozen times a day and you can make the same thing happen from the comfort of your couch or bed by uttering a simple command to Alexa.

Here are some of the smart ways to make integrate all the smart home gadgets with the Amazon Echo speaker and reap benefits of this futuristic technology.

Control the lighting in the room

Launch the Alexa app, give a tap on the menu icon present on the top left corner of the screen. Now choose the option of “Smart Home”, give a click on the “Add Device” option. Now this app will search for any new Wi-Fi enabled smart home products and once you get to see the smart Philips light appear on the list then give a click on it. Users can even create lighting groups within the app which can help in bringing al the smart lights present within a room in a single place and then voice commands can be utilized to get desired lighting in an instant.

Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids – requires compatible Alexa device


Control the temperature of the room

A number of Smart Thermostats have become compatible with the Amazon Echo smart speakers in the recent times. The way of controlling the smart thermostats is similar to that of smart lighting to add and control the device. Launch the Alexa app, select the Smart Home and finally choose the “Get More Smart Home Skills”. Herein you will find the brand of your thermostat and give a simple click on it as well as select the “Enable Skill” option.

The amount of voice commands and overall control users can get on the thermostat depends upon the respective brand. These commands will allow users to either raise or lower the temperature of the room by ease and grace.

ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa, Room Sensor Included


Control the smart lock of your room

Users can even sync their smart lock with the Amazon Echo device but it should be duly noted that it will not help in unlock the door at all contrary to the perception.

At first users will be required to install a Wi-Fi adapter about 40 feet within the distance of the smart lock. Then they have to download a very specific app called Schlage Sense in order to connect the app with the lock. Now getting back to the Alexa app users can choose the “Skills” option from the menu in order to make use of Alexa for locking up the door, managing the access codes as well as checking the lock’s status.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century Trim in Matte Black (BE489WB CEN 622)


Control the robot vacuum cleaner in your home

Robots cleaning the homes aren’t a fantasy anymore. The compatibility with Amazon Echo simply takes it to another level. Some of brands manufacturing Alexa compatible Robot vacuum include iRobot and Samsung. Users are required to go to the Alexa app and add the device by looking up the brand name in it and tapping on it. In order to do more with the robot vacuum device users can even download their respective app from the app store or they do the same with the Alexa command. Alexa will allow users to customize, schedule and monitor the cleaning sessions and even get the error alerts of any kind.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with Adaptive Routing, Multi-Floor Mapping, Selective Room Cleaning, Super Strong Suction, Extra Long Battery Life, APP Alexa Voice Control


Control the home appliance with smart plug over Alexa

Every appliance gets connected to a plug; therefore, some manufacturers came with the revolutionary ‘smart plug’. As the name suggests users can sync this smart plug with the Amazon Echo and control the device attached with it. Now you can control an electronic appliance like floor lamp attached with the smart plug by simply making a customized command. It can’t get smarter than this.

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device


Amazon Echo series of smart speakers have evolved in the last couple of years and got cheaper than the other market offerings. Amazon Echo has found to be the easiest to install, use and enhance the overall abilities and experience than the competitors. Echo Dot is the cheapest of the lot which comes at a price of $50 and it is quite small as well. Amazon allows users to make use of more than 10,000 skills of Alexa while doing the most they can with the smart speaker. It is also quite broadly supported smart home speaker and it even comes with its own range of third-party capabilities. Amazon has been quick in bringing the smartphone apps for both the Android and Apple devices in order to offers incredible feature rich and splendid experience for the users.

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