Smart Lockers Types, Features, And Benefits

Office, schools and various corporate facilities have lockers for storing the important items. However, as the modern users always like to rely on technology, they look for smart storage systems. To integrate the smart innovative features, the manufacturers are trying to make the system more flexible. The modern units can be recycled and reused. With the installation of the smart storage unit, you may not only maximize the space but also reduce the overall costs.

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You can use Smart Lockers for various purposes in your workplace or at any other site. These systems are aesthetic in design as well as highly functional. The best fact is that smart locking system is designed in a special way to have compatibility with various other lockers. The common features with these lockers are-

  • Reconfigurable and adaptable units with a connection to each other
  • A separate place for storing all the staffs and for recharging the portable units
  • Offer lots of customization options, various purposes in your workplace environments

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Due to the increasing use of lockers and more intricate needs of employees, the manufacturers now use the lockers of various types-

  • Day lockers
  • Lockers of employee
  • End-of-trip system

The first two categories are intended to be used in a flexible workplace, and they optimize the space in your company. There are also modular systems, which enable you in growing the storage space with very limited costs. End-of-trip locking units also promote public use and reduce the dependence on vehicles.

Materials used for smart lockers

Steel-made lockers are best known for their high durability, strength and adaptable design. We know that the conventional style lockers are designed with joinery, while the modern steel version helps you in assembling the system very fast. You may also reconfigure it much easily. There is no need for various tools to assemble the unit. Thus, you can replace or reuse the system with no issue. You do not need to replace these smart lockers several times, and so, you will get an economic advantage in due course.

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Steel locker has the potential of full recyclability. However, in case of the old wooden products, there is no eco-friendly benefit. The powder coating on the steel unit is also good for the environment, and they reflect an aesthetic look to you. There are also perforations on the steel systems to keep away from the acoustic issues. These special patterns offer a high level of ventilation to retain the condition of your items.

Lockers used for different applications

The most interesting fact about steel-made, the smart locker is that it works as the point of connection and power station. It also acts as the barrier to sound. Thus, apart from storing your staffs, you can do various things with your smart unit. You can not only reconfigure but also relocate the system. Considering the needs of your corporate team, you may alter or integrate the units. You can merge together various units to form freeform style storage on your floor.

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Wired system of your locker

Soft-wiring can be done with your smart locking unit. You will be able to add power to your portable gadgets. These smart systems are the best options to have reticulating solutions to every unit. Use the soft-wired units to recharge your household devices. However, there is also a cavity, present between hard-wired locking units and the soft-wired ones. Since the smart lockers have conduit, you do not need to have separate ducts. You may also conceal the wires in the plinths. So, hide the networking system and keep away from any mess.

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To avail all these features, you can invest in these smart lockers. Equipped with GPO’s and electronic locking system, these lockers are a cable-ready unit. Nowadays, flexibility and choice are the most important factors to every consumer. Employees always try to ensure that they have not missed any file while they were not in the office. To meet all these needs, the smart locker is the best solution.  Instant alerts, improved security, 24-hour accessibility, reduced risk of file loss- these are the major positive aspects of the smart storage solution. Get all the benefits from your chosen locker, created with smart technology.

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