Smart Ovens: Everything you need to know

Now seriously, the smart appliances in our kitchen are becoming the most valuable assets. Am I right? With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated and smart sensor technologies, these appliances are becoming quicker and quieter. The list is pretty long including Smart Refrigerators, Smart Dryers, Smart Air Conditioners and much more that we have reviewed earlier. Let’s take into consideration the smart ovens this time. So, whether it is the Smart Oven Range, Smart Microwave Oven or the Smart Convection Toaster Ovens, all has undoubtedly transformed the way we cook in our kitchen.

With splendid expanded features and capabilities, ovens are compatible with smart apps to control it and can be remotely managed from anywhere through your smartphones or tablets. Some may have voice controls as well such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home which allows you to use simple voice commands to instruct what you want your smart oven to do.

What are the key features of the Smart Ovens?

Before moving on any further, let us have a quick sneak peek into the features of the smart ovens which I believe will give you a better idea of this new innovative appliance by our dedicated IoT Professionals.

Smart Oven Range:

  • Connected to the Wi-Fi, features can be controlled swiftly via your smartphone.
  • Support voice commands ability by offering compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • One of the best parts is, while connecting to the app, it provides the recipe steps. Keeping in mind the recipe instructions, it automatically preheats the oven, sets the temperature and timer and turns itself off when the food is ready. Wow!! Isn’t it something truly astounding?
  • Elsewise using your smart handset, you can adjust the cooking temperatures, preheat the oven and even turn it off or on.
  • Offers various kinds of cooking and heating technologies that help you to cook food faster.
  • For more precise cooking, these smart oven ranges can provide you with infrared as well as relocate traditional heating elements.
  • If you are interested in cooking different kinds of food in the same oven and at the same time, many smart ovens permit you to do that
  • Several smart oven range models are equipped with dual fuel functions: gas powers the stove whereas the oven utilizes the electricity.
  • You will be notified if something goes wrong with the appliance. Moreover, the smart oven will send alerts if the timer expires or when it is correctly preheated.
  • Comes with a grime-resistant coating inside the ovens and self-cleaning cycle option, smart ovens surely share your cleaning chores.

Smart Microwave ovens:

  • You can connect your smart microwave oven to your Wi-Fi at home and also use voice commands systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to control it.
  • Smart ovens come with LED touchscreen interface, whereas some models encompass such sensors that have the ability to detect your presence if you are nearby and automatically increase the size of the display, letting you have a clearer view of the status of what you are cooking.
  • Cooking instructions can be downloaded that make easy to cook food.
  • Your smart oven can even read out loud the steps involved in preparing your favorite recipe, and in some cases, it can also showcase a short video.
  • Your oven can smartly be controlled wherever you are and once the food is ready, you receive an alert.
  • Some of the smart microwave ovens are capable of tracking your routine and also the most commonly cooked food by you, thus suggest customized quick settings accordingly.
  • You can toast, brown and enjoy a crispy meal with the inclusion of convection technology and added heating elements.
  • With the help of the moisture sensors, the smart oven prevents your food from being overcooked and drying out.
  • The power saving mode of the oven helps conserving energy as well as saves your money.

Important factors to consider when buying a smart oven:

There are several factors you need to ponder upon when you finally decide to get your kitchen a smart oven. So here we have listed a few of the very significant points which by keeping in mind will be helpful in bringing a nice, smart oven home.

AmazonBasics Microwave, Small, 0.7 Cu. Ft, 700W, Works with Alexa

  • Does the app of your smart oven model work well with your smartphone or tablet? Yes, the compatibility of your smart oven with your smartphone device; either Android or iOS is extremely important.
  • Coming towards other matter of choices, you need to decide on which type of oven you prefer to buy. Either it’s the oven range, a microwave or the toaster oven. Obviously, your demand would be as per your requirements. On the other hand, your decision will also lead you considering the space available in the kitchen; like where you are going to put it and how much area it will cover. Is the space in your kitchen enough for accommodating the range or getting a microwave or the toaster oven will be a better choice?
  • Next, consider the capacity of your oven. Which dish sizes it can easily facilitate and does it have one or two shelves? Now that again depends upon your preferences and your cooking style and ability.
  • When it comes to preheating, it is easy to heat the small toaster ovens than the larger ones. And if we compare the countertop units with microwaves, then the first one shows better results. Do keep this point in your mind if you are interested in only warming up the remaining food items or go with the simple toasting.
  • Ovens come with common as well as some specific functions associated with some particular models. You need to get the details of each to select as per your cooking needs.
  • Talking about consumption of the energy, now smart ovens come with energy saving approaches which automatically switch itself off, thus help to stay light on your pockets. Moreover, the smaller the size of the oven, lesser the time it will take to get heated. So, if you are not too much into cooking large trays of the meals then a small oven can do a trick for you.
  • To get your food cooked or baked thoroughly, evenly and quickly, oven with higher wattage will be the ideal selection. So watch for the wattage of every model before making your payments clear.
  • Check for the additional features as well like programmable/built-in settings for quick cooking time, defrosting procedures, moisture sensors to detect and adjust the moisture levels and more.
  • Getting accessories and pans along with your oven is definitely a plus point. The fittings include baking and pizza pan, broiling rack, removable crumb tray and more
  • Finally, you need to look at your budget and the reputation of the oven. Everybody likes going with the quality and durability under an economical price tag. Do check out various reviews or chat with your friends and family to get better know-how of multiple models available in the market and then take your final decision.

List of the Best Picks of Smart Ovens:

GE JES1097SMSS 0.9 Cu. Ft. Capacity Smart Countertop Microwave Oven with Scan-To-Cook Technology, WiFi Connect, Convenience Cooking Controls, and Auto and Time Defrost, in Stainless Steel

  • Out of the guesswork, microwave the frozen food and prepare it as you like
  • Connecting to the Wi-Fi, it works with Amazon Alexa, thus allows you to use voice commands to control it and not moving an inch from where you are sitting
  • Features 0.9 cu. ft. (900 Watts) capacity
  • Offers you to manually as well as supports automatic programming of the power levels and defrosting options
  • The food is continuously rotated throughout the cycle.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Silver

  • A high-end oven
  • Versatile enough to replace your full-sized ovens
  • It is designed to cook almost everything in it, perfectly and evenly.
  • Its LED timer and super-fast preheat time makes your baking quick and fun.
  • It comes with a large capacity with two heat settings and automatically switches to keep warm at the end of the cooking cycle.

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound On/Off, 1.2 Cu.ft, 1100W, Black Stainless Steel

  • Equipped with a pre-programmed menu that allows you to cook your desired vegetables and defrost meat
  • Armed with specific buttons for popcorn and frozen pizza
  • Offers up 1100 watts of power
  • High power with ten settings
  • Features a large keypad which permits you to type in a specific program quite easily

Tovala Gen 1 Smart Steam Oven with Automatic Multi-Mode Cooking

  • Tovala Classic Steam and Convection Oven is a Wi-Fi connected countertop appliance with a built-in QR code scanner.
  • With control of a user-friendly and very simple app, you have complete control over your cooking methods
  • A multi-function smart oven that let you enjoy delicious food at a touch of a single button
  • Allows you to program anything, from complex sequence to much simpler ones
  • With a blend of wet and dry cooking, offers you to prepare food just like being cooked in the commercial kitchen
  • It comes with a combination of a baking element, a broiler, steam, and a convection fan. Also has the ability to switch between these methods instantly.

Although many of these smart ovens cost a bit high, they truly deliver superb convenience. You will enjoy cooking for sure!!

So, what are you waiting for? After getting the guidelines as mentioned above, I believe you are all set to grab your favorite smart oven. Do share your experience with us. Cheers!!

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